M.Sc. (Computer Science)

Master of Science is a 2 years (Four Semester) full-time Credit Based & Grading System programme offered by the Department. The M. Sc. (Computer Science) course admission took place at the Department of Computer Science in the month of June every year (after declaration of the result of the B.Sc.). The Cost of Form of Application for Admission is Rs. 100.00. Admission to the said course will be made on purely merit basis. (Percentage of aggregate marks/grade secured at the qualifying examination). There is no CET for the admission.

Documents to be enclosed with the Application Form:
• Attested photocopies of F.Y.B.Sc., S.Y.B.Sc., and T.Y.B.Sc. Mark-sheets  
• Attested photocopies of Caste & Non-creamy Layer Certificate, if any.


The candidate must have passed the B.Sc. degree examination with the following combination of subjects:
          B.Sc. (Computer Science) / BCS / B.Sc. (IT) OR
          Mathematics OR
          Physics + Mathematics (4 Units) OR
          Statistics + Mathematics (4 Units) OR
          Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in CS / IT

Intake Capacity & Reservation

The Intake capacity of the Department for M.Sc. (Computer Science) is 200 Stduents.

For International Students, 15% quota in addition to the sanctioned intake of seats has been granted vide University circular no. Aff./Recog.I/232 of 2011 dated 30th July, 2011.  Intake-40 Students * 15% = 6 Foreign Students

The provision of 2 (two) supernumerary seats for students from Jammu & Kashmir are made vide University circular no. Aff./ICC/2012-13/22 dated 8th January, 2013.

The reservation in the seats is as per the rules and regulations of Government of Maharashtra and University of Mumbai


M.Sc. (Semester - I & II) M.Sc. (Semester - III & IV)
GEN/DT/NT/OBC/SBC Category INR   34295.00 GEN/DT/NT/OBC/SBC Category INR   34870.00
SC/ST Category INR       495.00 SC/ST Category INR       470.00
Foreign Student INR   93895.00 Foreign Student INR   94870.00

Syllabus and Credit Scheme

Course Code Course Title Number of Hours Credits
PSCS101 Analysis of Algorithms & Researching Computing 60 4
PSCS102 Advanced Networking Concepts 60 4
PSCS103 Advanced Database Systems 60 4
PSCS104 Robotics & Artificial Intelligence 60 4
PSCSP101 Practical: Analysis of Algorithms & Researching Computing and Advanced Networking Concepts 120 4
PSCSP102 Practical: Advanced Database Systems and Robotics & Artificial Intelligence 120 4
PSCS201 Advanced Operating Systems 60 4
PSCS202 Design & Implementation of Modern Compilers 60 4
PSCS2031 Elective I: Track A: Cloud Computing (Concepts & Design of Web Services)   OR 60 4
PSCS2032 Elective I: Track B: Cyber & Information Security (Network Security) 60 4
PSCS2041 Elective II: Track C: Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics (Business Intelligence)   OR 60 4
PSCS2042 Elective II: Track D: Machine Intelligence (Fundamentals of Machine Intelligence) 60 4
PSCSP201 Practical: Advanced Operating Systems and Design & Implementation of Modern Compilers 120 4
PSCSP202 Practical: Elective I and Elective-II 120 4
PSCS301 Ubiquitous Computing 60 4
PSCS302 Social Network Analysis 60 4
PSCS3031 Elective I: Track A: Cloud Computing-II (Cloud Computing Technologies)   OR 60 4
PSCS3032 UElective I: Track B: Cyber & Information Security-II (Cyber Forensics) 60 4
PSCS3033 Elective II: Track C: Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics-II (Mining Massive Data Sets)   OR 60 4
PSCS3034 Elective II: Track D: Machine Learning-II (Advanced Machine Learning) 60 4
PSCSP5 Practical: Ubiquitous Computing and Social Network Analysis 120 4
PSCSP6 Practical: Elective I and II 120 4
PSCS401 Simulation & Modeling 60 4
PSCS4021 Specialization: Track A: Cloud Computing-III (Building Clouds & Services)   OR 60 4
PSCS4022 Specialization: Track B: Cyber & Information Security-III (Cryptography & Crypt Analysis)   OR 60 4
PSCS4023 Specialization: Track C: Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics-III (Intelligent Data Analysis)   OR 60 4
PSCS4024 Specialization: Track D: Machine Learning-III (Computational Intelligence) 60 4
PSCSP7 Practical: Simulation & Modeling and Specialization 120 4
PSCSP8 Internship with Industry 300 6
PSCSP9 Project Implementation 200 6

Examination Scheme

The Internal Examination based on the tests and presentations are of 40 marks in each paper. The final University Examination shall be of 2½ hours duration for each theory papers of 60 marks and 2 hours duration for each practical papers of 50 marks.

To pass the M.Sc. Examination a candidate must obtain a minimum of 40% of the marks allotted to each paper (Internal, Theory and Practical Examination).