Academic Staff
Dr JyotshnaDongardive
Assistant Professor, Head and Research Guide; (Exp.: 17 yrs)
Specialization: AI and ML, Bioinformatics and Educational Technology
Subject Specialization:

     (1) Compiler Design

     (2) Bio-Informatics
Dr Ambuja Salgaonkar
Associate Professor and Research Guide; (Exp.: 28 yrs)
Specialization: NLP, Scriptology, Musicology, Security, Educational and Assistive technology
Subject Specialization:

     (1) Artificial Intelligence

     (2) Simulation & Modeling
Smt Jaya Bharti
MTech, NET; (Exp.: 2 yrs)
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Algorithms and Machine learning
Subject Specialization:

     (1) Algorithms

     (2) Machine Learning
Dr Jayant Kirtane
Adjunct Professor (Exp.: Over 45 yrs)
Specialization: Languaging, Computer Architecture
Subject Specialization:

     (1) eAgriculture

     (2) Data Mining Technique

     (3) Image Processing

     (4) Geospatial Analysis

     (5) Agricultural Science
Research Supervisors
Dr Sushil Kulkarni
Jai hind College, Mumbai; (Exp.: 37yrs)
Specialization: Big-Data analytics, Web Mining, Mobile Computing

Dr Siby Abraham
Centre of Excellence in Analytics and Data Science, NMIMS University; (Exp.:32 yrs)
Specialization: AI and ML, Business Analytics, Soft Computing

Dr Seema Purhoit
Deccan Educations Society's Brihan Maharashtra College, Pune; (Exp.: 38 yrs)
Specialization: Soft Computing, data mining, Mathematical Modelling and simulation
Dr Leisa Amstrong
Edith Cowan University, Australia; (Exp.: 26 yrs)
Agro-informatics, AI and DSS, Drones, ICT adoption
Visiting Faculty
Smt Indrani Sen
Free lance trainer; (Exp.: 15 yrs)
Specialization: Data Science, Database technologies, Programming
Mr Prashant Londhe
Assistant Professor, R.P Gogate College of Arts, Science and Commerce,
Ratnagiri; (Exp.: 14 yrs)
Specialization: Cloud Computing, Computer Networking, Web Mining, Assistive
Dr Manisha Divate
Assistant Professor, UPG College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai;(Exp.: 17 yrs)
Specialization: AI, NLP and Programming
Mr Rajesh Kumar Maurya
Assistant Professor, UPG College of Arts, Science and Commerce,
Mumbai;(Exp.: 19 yrs)
Specialization: Geospatial Computing, Graphics, AR/VR/MR,
 image processing, Multidimensional Visualization, Cognitive Intelligence,
Digital Forensics, Digitization and OCR.
Ms. Swati Maurya
Assistant Professor, UPG College of Arts, Science and Commerce,
Mumbai;(Exp.: 16 yrs)
Specialization: AI, ML and Big Data
Dr Sindhu P M
Assistant Professor, Nagindas Khandwala College (Autonomous)
Mumbai; (Exp.: 20 yrs)
Specialization: Information Encoding, NLP, Graph Theory,
Building Heritage knowledge for computing Applications