The following research student submitted the thesis to the Department

Sr. No. Name of Student Degree Topic of Research Guide Date of Award of Degree
1. Smt. Dongardive Jyotshna Ph.D. (Computer Science) Prediction, Classification & Network Reconstruction of Proteins using Machine Intelligence Dr. Siby Abraham 27.05.2016
2. Smt. Gandhi Niketa Ph.D. (Computer Science) Information System Framework for Sustainable Agriculture Dr. Leisa Armstrong 07.07.2016
3. Smt. Srivastava Shilpi Ph.D. (Computer Science) Named Entity Recognition for Hindi Language Dr. D. C. Kothari 01.09.2016
4. Smt. Yadav Nisha Ph.D. (Computer Science) Computational Methods for inferring the Syntax of an Undeciphered Script: A Case Study with the Indus Script Dr. Ambuja Salgaonkar 23.09.2016
5. Smt. Mantri Shruti Ph.D. (Computer Science) A Spatial Database Model for Identifying & Storing Fixed and Moving Obstacles for Disaster Management System Dr. Seema Purohit 13.03.2017
6. Smt. Divate Manisha Ph.D. (Computer Science) Application of Information Extraction and Knowledge Building Model in Performance Evaluation System Dr. Ambuja Salgaonkar 15.10.2018
7. Smt. Kulkarni Anjali Ph.D. (Computer Science) Credit Evaluation Model for Loan Proposal for Indian Banks Dr. Seema Purohit 27.11.2018
8. Smt. Naik Nilam Ph.D. (Computer Science) Designing and Developing efficient data mining methods for the analysis of massive data Dr. Seema Purohit 27.03.2019
9. Smt. Manghirmalani Pooja Ph.D. (Computer Science) Improving Classification Model for Discriminant Analysis Dr. Sushil Kulkarni 08.04.2019
10. Mr. Deolekar Subodh Ph.D. (Computer Science) Composition of Rhythmic Music: A Machine Intelligence Approach Dr. Siby Abraham 02.05.2019
11. Smt. Margaj Sampada Ph.D. (Computer Science) Neural Network Model for Mathematical Learning Enhancement for Children with Dyscalculia Dr. Seema Purohit 09.08.2019
12. Smt. Jalgaonkar Meghana Ph.D. (Computer Science) Modeling the Learning Patterns of Visually Impaired and Evaluating the appropriateness of Learning Environment Dr. Seema Purohit 21.08.2019
13. Smt. Jamdaade Krantee Manoj Ph.D. (Computer Science) Development and Evaluation of Medicinal Expert System to Improve the Immunity of HIV/AIDS Patients Using Ayurveda Therapy Dr. Seema Purohit 01.11.2019
14. Smt. Kaur Jasbir Ph.D. (Computer Science) Modeling Real Time Data to Facilitate and Optimize RFID Traffic System for Making Intelligent Decision Dr. Seema Purohit 26.02.2020